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Understanding Demographics

Detailed below is an IT12 tax return screen which is in fact in edit mode as indicated by the yellow fields.  This means that every field in yellow can be edited.  It is very important that the user has a very good understanding on how the demographics work before tax returns are filed.
The SKY system has demographic data in essentially two different places.  There are the demographics in the client Masterfile which will keep all details of addresses, telephone numbers and even the bank account details.  There is also another area which displays demographics as part of each tax return which is shown below. When a retrieval process is done this demographic data is downloaded into the actual tax return as shown below. The data that comes down into the tax return does not affect or change the Master client file in any way.
Prior to e-Filing the tax return the onus is on the Tax Practitioner to ensure that the demographics on the tax return page before e-Filing is updated correctly.
If there are some problems with the data in other words one of the telephone numbers are wrong or one of the e-mails are wrong it is best to go and modify the Masterfile because any changes that are made to the demographic of the tax return does not pull through to the Masterfile so you would find yourself in the same position in the following year with missing or wrong data.
On the screen above the data is housed in various blocks, for example the first block indicates surname first, first name etc.  The block to the right of that indicates certain spouse details, then you have got the physical address and the postal address and the bank address and the bank account.  Within each block you will find a little icon with three dots or an M and then the letter T.  By clicking on one of these it is going to switch the data from what you have clicked and over right the demographic data on the tax return.  For example if you click on the M it is going to pull the data through from the Client Masterfile.  If you then click on the T it is going to switch it to what came down from SARS. 
So if the data in your client Masterfile is correct you can quite comfortably click on the M and override the data that came down from the SARS E-filing system.  Changes to the demographic page must be treated with caution.  Before you start switching between the master and the tax return please ensure that the screen in question is in edit mode.
A word about retrieving the demographics.  We suggest when a season opens you do a global retrieve and then before you start working on each taxpayer you retrieve that tax return information individually which will bring down the demographics as well as any IRP5’s.  It is absolutely imperative that once you start working on the tax return you do not retrieve the demographics again or retrieve a tax return again and again, because any changes made to the demographic page on the tax return will be overwritten by what comes down from SARS. It may be data that you have corrected may be overwritten.
The bank account block cannot be switched between master and the tax return as in the other blocks, simply because if you do this then the client has got to go through the whole verification process by going into SARS personally.
01 November 2016