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Tax Enquiry Overview

The Tax Overview enquiry screen will give the total status of interaction with SARS in terms of submssion, assessments, downloads, letters and documents. There is a  strong element of filterering wihich will allow the user to home in on the actual data they require from cradle to the grave.
Tax Enquiry Overview


1. Refresh
The first thing to do is click on the refresh button. This is a once off and going forward the system will keep the columns and fields up to date.

Filter Control

2. Filter Control
Each column has the  above filter control icon. When you click on the icon the following drop down will open. Click on the drop down arrow and select the item you are looking for.
To apply the filter click on OK.
When you click on ok It will apply the filter and show the values of the taxpayers selected on the screen above the column.
You can filter on other columns and it will add those values to the filter, so multiple columns and multiple filters at a time.
To clear the filter right click on the button or if you have many columns filtered right click on the “filter values” label.
Each column also has an index functionality.
For example if you want to see returns not assessed, filter on the tax year column and click on the date column to have the blank dates at the top
You can also filter on date range for the columns that display dates.