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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes is our attempt to make Sky a paperless system.
Sticky notes is the CRM system of Sky Software and is designed to help you track and control what's going on in your system. Sticky notes can be created by the user or by the system automatically when it downloads notices and assessments. In this case a sticky note will be created with the details of what has been downloaded. When logging in the morning by clicking on the red bell on the bottom right hand side of the screen the sticky notes outstanding will display. In the event that you want a create a reminder click on the new green plus and type in what you want and it will pop up every day until you indicate that you have attended to it.
It's a good idea to insert as much detail into the sticky note when it is attended to which will allow the note not to appear the next time you access the system. All the notes and the way they were cleared will remain on the system for ever so that you can always refer back to it.
When a sticky note appears on one of your clients you may allocated to anyone else on the system. When that user logs in then the sticky note will be available for them to take care of.
The screen below shows what sticky notes look like when allocated user logs in.
The sticky note system adds a powerful arsenal in helping the tracking and controlling of the process through provisional tax. The screen below gives an indication of what the sticky notes look like on the provisional tax system. There is a filter that will allow the user to list uncleared sticky notes.
The sticky note system also makes a fantastic arsenal for the user to manage the tax return process.
1 December 2021