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Sky Time

Sky Time is the third application in the SKY Software series and in fact consists of WIP – work in progress and a debtor ’s module which we call Sky Debtors
In this manual we will start off with the setup of the WIP as time is the most important aspect of running an accounting practice. 
If you are a user of Professional Series you will see that there are some notable differences in the design of the software.
First of all we have built a project management system.  This is a system that will allow you to allocate all your staff resources to a particular job and then you can monitor the time on a job as it comes in on a real time basis.  By setting up your staff allocations this in fact produces a budget which will allow actual time to be monitored against budgetted time.
Because we offer an unlimited user licence the various project inquiries can be by anyone in real.   By making use of these facilities the dream of a paperless office now becomes a reality.
Sky Time has been built with state of the art software and can handle from the smallest practice to the largest. There is in fact no limitation in regard to size. The whole system is real time and there are no month ends or rolling of balances. All the data is also kept forever.
Updated 24 August 2016