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Sky Sec Transactions

The transactions are where you do your daily company secretarial routines and all the changes that you need to perform for all companies that you have on your system.  It is important to note that before you can do a change on any company it must be opened as a secretarial client and the various formation information must at least be completed.
In this section we are going to deal with all the various types of transactions. These are the company secretarial jobs that have to be processed on a daily basis. Behind each type of transaction is a legal basis for performing the transaction. Some of which is based on current company law and some of which is based on standard company secretarial practice.
The SKY Sec transactions work on the basis that when you wish to create a new record, you click on the new button.  You then enter all the details of the transaction and then you click on the green tick to save or the red X to abort.  If you wish to edit a transaction click on the edit icon, make your changes and then click on save.  We make use of various status words to track and control the work that you do on a particular transactions, like client signature, CIPC etc.  When you mark the status as finalised then this makes the transaction final.