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Sky New Features

In this section we will detail the new features of sky software and features that have now been documented in this help screen and on the Sky Software Academy. There won't only be new features but features that we believe should be brought to your attention.
1. We supply various master letters which we update from time to time. Where you are using our master letter and we update the masters then you can download the letters, cut-and-paste the changes into your master letters.
3. Sky Tax Stop the steal of tax return profiles and refunds. click here
4. Sky Tax Click on the link - this is an important how to. How to sell a portion of your assets
5. Sky Tax We have moved many of the Sky Software Academy videos to Sky Take-on Videos
     Under this section you will find 4 short videos that are a must
6. Sky Tax We have added Foreign Income which explains how to do it in Sky Tax Click Here
7. Sky Tax We have posted the Technical Briefing on Provisional 2022 P2 Click Here
8. Sky Tax Provisional Tax Review screen - New fields have been added. Click Here
9. Sky Tax 13 Jan 2022 - Provisional Tax Videos are now included - Click Here
10 Sky Sec 9 Feb 2022 - Download CIPC Data Click Here  to sign up
      CIPC Data tab Click Here
11 Sky Time 13 February 2022 Sky Time. The Sky Time Project screens have been update. A video has been added Project Review v.
12. 16 February 2022 Tax Compliance Course 2022 Click here
13 17 February 2022 How to Generate Global Fees Click here