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Retrieval of demographics

When a tax return is retrieved the demographics are downloaded from SARS and will be displayed on the screen below in the tax return.  The data that is first displayed is in fact what SARS have on their system.  It should be noted that there is a place in the program where you can create your client Masterfile from the data contained by SARS.  Please note that the bank account detailed on the bottom right hand side will come down from SARS.  If it is blank and you wish to create the bank account details, you can put this screen into edit mode by clicking on the pencil icon.  Any change to the bank account details will result in the taxpayer having to go and verify the change in the bank account details at a SARS office.  So treat this very carefully.
We have recently made a change which will show the differences between the client master file and the demographics on the tax return. Differences are indicated as red.
The screen displays the demographic area in edit mode.  All the yellow fields can be changed.
Please see the screen Understanding Demographics
1 November 2016