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One Screen Approach to Provisional Tax a

Track and Control from one screen your whole Provisional Tax Process.
One Screen Approach to Provisional Tax a

Left Window

1. Left Window
This is where you list the clients that you want to work on.

Filter Control

2. Filter Control
Set your filters for what you want to see. Click on the drop down to see all the Filters.

Right Window

3. Right Window
Reflects the calculation of the client selected on the left hand side.

Function Wheel

4. Function Wheel
This opens the menus for running the whole provisional tax process.

Calc Status

Calc Status allows the filtering of records. If you select Prepared for submission. It will list those records that you wish to file in bulk.

Submission and assessment date

The system will tell you the last trasnaction dates and Turnover from the last assessment.
Watch the video on the one screen approach Click Here
8 December 2021