Sky Software
Help and User guide


Each menu item in SKY software is represented by an icon as depicted in the screen below.  The user just has to click on an icon and the next level of menus will display showing additional program icons or menu icons as illustrated in the second screen below.
By selecting the Master menu option the next range of menus will show - client, partner, manager, category and classification.  These are various data entry screens where various items like partners, managers or category types can be attached to an individual client which will allow the user to filter on any of these criteria.
Sky makes use of partner, manager, category etc to sort or filter the list of clients so that a subset of the total number of clients displays
In the tax work flow menu screen below you can see that the TAX icon has been selected and a new menu shows a whole list of items like EFREGISTER , TAX LEDGER , PROF P1 etc. Click on  the PROF P1 and it shows the next menu level starting from SARS IRP6 etc. 
It is important to note that the menu items work in a work flow starting from the left and moving towards the right.  Users who wish to process various options in the correct order should be working from the left to the right. If you select the P1 CALC menu above this system will take you to the screen that will allow you to calculate P1 Provisional tax.
A menu selects either the next menus or a process or data entry.
Updated 25 August  2016