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Letter Logo

Steps to setup a letter logo, physical address and signature
Go to Masters Menu. Select Partner menu option. Once there, you will need to search for your specific partner code that you working with. Click on the Detail view button on the top right. It will show all the details of the partner.
Then click on the EDIT button on the TOP LEFT section to edit the screen. Take the mouse pointer and go down to the bottom. You will see a field called the LetterLogo field. RIGHT CLICK on it and you will get a MENU. Choose “”Load Media””. Select the bitmap file from a location. Once selected, you will see that it shows on the top left hand side on a standard letter.
Signature field. Apply same concept. RIGHT CLICK to get a menu. Choose Load Media. Choose the signature bitmap (bmp) files.
Letter head section. Type in the Physical address.
Click on the SAVE button on top (Green button). It will save the changes for the Partner and this will print on all letters.
14 November 2021