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ITR12 Tax Returns

The tax calculation part of SKY Tax fully integrates the ledgers and management of SKY Tax.  The SKY Tax Module will handle individuals, companies and trusts.  This system integrates with the SARS E-Filing system.
By entering the data into SKY Tax's modules the data can be submitted straight through to SARS E-Filing. 
SKY Tax Calculating system is not only a tax calculation system but a data collection and a communication  system which will allow you to collect all the necessary data, income and deductions for the tax return over a period of time.
You will find it much easier to enter the data straight into SKY Tax rather than go onto the SARS E-Filing system.  By planning the way you do Tax Returns and completing them on the system you will save yourselves a fortune of time.  Based on the research that we have done it will be as much as 40 minutes per tax return per year.
It is important to note that this manual is not a tax reference manual and if you need to clarify any tax issues you will need to go to the Acts and the various text books.
In regard to the ITR12 the whole system is based on source codes which  appear on the tax return.  SKY Tax has a pre-configured source code data base which is updated by us when we are notified of any changes.
Updated 26 August 2016