Sky Software
Help and User guide


Sky Software is a back office suite for accounting firms and despite the different modules for different disciplines is in fact one product that is totally integrated and available to the whole accounting firm. Although totally integrated the software retains the 4 most important back office disciplines for an accounting firm. These are Tax , Company Secretarial Time and Debtors The products are  called SKY TAX, SKY SEC and SKY TIME and Sky Debtors. We have now added an additional product called ACCFIN CLOUD where we run a cloud application for smaller clients.
Sky Software retains at a minimum the same functionality as Professional Series but in many instances much much more as we have taken advantage of modern technology. In the development of the product we used the concept of less is more which has resulted in a much smaller, intuitive and easier to use program, but adds a whole lot of new modern state of the art functionality. The program works using the concept of work flows which makes it very easy to use. Simple design with everything being in one place thus making it easier to use.
SKY software products are the only integrated software suite in South Africa.  When you load the application you have access to everything, provided your administrator has given you rights.  This means every single aspect of a client is available to you, for example if you are working on a secretarial client and you wish to view how much the client owes - two clicks and you are there.  There are no other competitive products in South Africa that does the same. In order to see what debtors are with a competitive product, you have to load another application, and then the company secretarial position load another application.
The core of our systems is the main data base or client file where all the applications  Tax, Secretarial Time and Debtors work off the main database.
A SQL database is called PostgreSQL and is used in 70% of  cloud based systems in the world is our SQL database of choice and the programing language is Java. These aspects lends them selves to producing an application which is cloud ready and web enabled which can handle an unlimited amount of data.
Sky Software is installed on the server and various terminals across the office can access the system via browser or smart client (very small Java applet that is downloaded to the terminal). There are no complicated software installations on terminals and users can roll out the software to as many users as they want as we now offer an unlimited licence .
Sky Software will run on any server and any terminal device including tablets (available soon). The software has moved to being totally screen based or enquiry based allowing the user to access any aspect that they want, provided they have been given the access rights.
Sky Software now runs in the Accfin Cloud or can run on your firms own private cloud or local area network.
Updated 25 August 2016