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eFiling ITR12's

SKY builds up the tax return on the system, downloading and adding all the relevant data components, then we produce a calculation together with all the schedules, even doing a statement of assets and a capital reconciliation. 
The completed tax return can be moved around the office for review and vetting and can be tagged on the system so that there is a tracking and control mechanism. Like anything good internal controls can ensure that the correct information gets through to SARS.
The important thing to understand here is that there is a connection between producing the tax return and what gets sent through to SARS.  It’s one and the same thing. We produce a set of reports that are much more meaningful than the SARS form. 
We have a preview option that does a pre-assessent leaving out the the lump sum calculation.
In our view there is less chance of something going wrong if you follow the recomended steps filing to SARS on Sky Tax?
The importance of this is that this indicates exactly what is going through to SARS.  Another risk protection method is that once you file a tax return it is quite easy to get the xml code which is the language we use to send through the data to SARS, so in the event that anything does go wrong in the production or the transmission of the system we can get to the root cause quite easily.
2 December 2021