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Dormant and Provisional Tax

There is confusion with dormant companies and the calculation of provisional tax. If you dont want to calculate for dormants make sure the flag in the client file is unticked.
If you have the provisional tax in the client file flagged this is always going to calculate provisional tax as everything that is going to appear in the provisional tax review list or calculation screen is going to calculate. If you are running the provisional tax from the review ledger and you are clicking on the function wheel see below, this allows you to calculate provisional tax for everything listed even if its a blank record. On the screen below you can see that AFRXXX is in Orange and this means that there is no provisional tax page it was deleted. It shows because the provisional tax flag is ticked in the client master file. But if you click on the function key and process the provisional tax it will do a calculation which will be zero.
July 2021