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Document Storage Enquiry

From the master menu you will see the documents menu option. By selecting this option an enquiry screen will open listing all the documents that have been saved in the documents tab of the system. There are filters that will allow you to select various types of documents as well as an ability to track and control all those documents that were sent using the digital signature option. Listed below are some of the options that have been annotated.
Document Storage Enquiry

Set Filters

1. Set Filters
Filter on any of the fields to display the documents you want.

Update Signiflow Status

2. Update Signiflow Status
Click on Update Status to refresh the Signiflow Status.

Signiflow Filter

Click on this area and select the filter you want to view i.e Intiated - In progress - Completed - Failed

Open a Document

4. Open a Document
Click on the above link to open a document.
Click on a document record and if you wish to see the detail of the document stretch the bottom of the screen to open the doc links screen and you will see the various views of the document and the interaction with the digital signature system.