Sky Software Data Entry Transaction

Data Entry Transaction

The data entry menus are shown below;
The data entry options start from SUBMISSION and moves to the right until TAX REFUND.
The TAX RETURN icon will open up the tax return program, the full details of which you will find later on in this manual.
A Data Entry option looks as follows;
The above screen is in a list view. We can select a record and make it  a detailed view by selecting one of the switch items on the top.  To edit an existing transaction click on the edit button and to create a new record click on the new button.
If you select the first icon the detailed view displays.
Detail Tab - This allows the input or the edit of a transaction.
To find a client already entered click on the list icon so you can view all entries for a particular transaction type by entry number order or by client code order by clicking on the column header in the list view mode. You can also re-sort the list into different orders.
Print Audit Trail option - select the printer icon - allows the printing of an audit trail - a list of what has been entered. i.e. what you can see on the screen.
All the data entry transactions in Sky Tax are entered in the order received and the transaction is date stamped. If you print out an audit trail it is easy to audit.
Letters Option - allows the demand printing and emailing of letters.
If you access any of the submission or assessment screens it gives you the full tax history of a taxpayer, almost like the equivalent of the tax ledger in Professional Series.
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