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The Contacts Tab in the master client file displays below. Add as many contacts as required and indicate the source of the emails you want them to receive. i.e Tax, Sec, Acct,  Aud
One would set up contacts in larger companies for aspects that the contact deals with. The purpose of having a separate client’s contacts database is that they do not appear on your normal client list. 
Note how we can indicate from an e-mail in Point Of View, which of the contacts need to receive the e-mail.  For example:  Jimmy Cohen will get all the Company Secretarial e-mails and George Price will get all the tax e-mails as well as anything related to the accounts and Henk van der Merwe will get Tax, Accounts and Auditing information.
One needs to decide whether you want to use the Contacts for your larger companies.  It is not necessary to add the contacts when you start.  You could do this later on at any point in time.
Updated 25 August 2016