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Client Take-On

The screen depicted below is the most important information that needs to be taken on for the client in question.  You will see that there are a lot of small icons on the top above each panel and we will explain them shortly.  You will also see that there is a set of radio buttons after Type (header panel) and to the right of this you need to indicate what kind of client it is.  If it is a company, a close corporation,  individual, trust or other if it does not fit into these categories.  For example this could be a school or a non-client shareholder then you would need to tick other.
Create new client
If you look at the icons on the top  of the header panel and the icon  further most to the left of this as indicated above, this will allow you to take on a new client record if you click on it.  If you click on this icon the system will automatically create space to take on a new record which will look like the screen below.  Note that all the entry fields are  now yellow and this will allow you to type in the information required into the yellow fields.  The system automatically puts in February as most taxpayers are February, certainly all individuals are February and you will notice that the icons at the top show clearly the green tick and this is in order to save a record, and the red X is in order to abort change you have entered or any changes that you have made if in edit mode. When the screen shows yellow we call it edit mode.
It is then just a question of typing into the yellow area the items like Partner, Manager, Business Category and Classification which have been entered into there own unique  files.
Once you click on these items the other file will open as below and show the choices you have, and then it is just a question of scrolling down to the name you want and clicking on it and this will display in the record that you are creating. If you click on the Partner area the following screen will display indicating all the partners to select from.
When you acquire SKY there are numerous ways of getting the data into the system.  If you are a small practice and you have say less than 100 clients it may be a good idea to type the data into the master files. A client file in particular as is indicated in this manual.  If you however have your data contained in a spreadsheet at least the name and a tax number then we will gladly import the data for you.  This would be of great benefit where you are a high volume practice and you have a large number of clients.
There is also a spreadsheet that we will supply fro importing.
Updated March 2021