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Client Screen Structure

The Screen below depicts the Client  File screen found under Masters. You will notice that there are 3 panels, the 1st panel on the left hand side is a list of all the clients that have been entered into the system. This list will display all the clients unless you have a filter set to show selected client groups for a particular manager or partner or other filter.
The top (horizontal) panel is what we call the header and links the data record to other files like partner and manager that are required for the client on the screen.  The bottom or 3rd panel or detail screen indicates additional information on a tab like demographics , user fields , tax details , sec client and billing information .  Depending on which applications you are using you will need to address some of these tabs. For all clients you need to address the demographics , user fields and other info tabs as well as all the client contacts tab if required.
By clicking on any client listed on the left hand panel  the client selected will automatically display on the header in the top right panel and the relevant detailed information will display in the bottom right panel. 
It should be noted that many screens will have  3-panels throughout the software.  The ability of the software to find the client that you want is contained on the left hand panel and full details of the clients are contained at the top right (the header ) and the bottom right hand panels.  
MARCH 2021