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Client Lists

We are now going to talk about the panel on the left hand side and how to manipulate it so that you display a list of only those clients that you want to see.  In the screen below you will see that we have got the left hand panel and the top right hand panel.  There are various options that you need to select in order to show a list of clients that you want.
In the screen below we have got a depiction of various filter options that can be selected, so the first thing that can be selected relatively easily is the type of entity i.e. Co, CC, Ind or Trust.  The screen below will show all the clients because we have got the All radio button selected.
You will notice that there are blank spaces for the Partner and Manager and if you place your cursor on the partner white area a box will open with all the partners available. Scroll down and select the partner you want. The same will apply for manager. This can be done for all options throughout the system.
On the screen below we have selected a Partner and a Manager and only those clients attached to the particular manager and particular partner will display on the screen.
The power of this is that if you want a list of one particular partner or one particular manager, by selecting the print icon on the top it will list only those clients that display on the screen.  A bit later we will talk about how to make use of filters and break down client selections even further.
The system allows you to build filters on top of partners and managers as well as on other filters. We call this successive filters which we deal with later on.
By using the above mentioned simple filters users can configure lists to their own requirements.
25 April 2021