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Client Details

The Client record has various details tabs which are designed to deal with various aspects of Sky. Each tab is a page where pertinent information is added depending on which applications you are using i.e. Tax, Sec Debtors and  Time.

The detailed tabs  are found below the detail header.  The information on each tab may be added or edited by clicking on  which is the edit icon.
You can create new data on a tab by clicking  on the edit button which will change all the editable fields into yellow. After you have edited the data you can click on the green tick to save or the red X to abort which will work  the same throughout the system.
There are 9 detailed tabs which should be addressed as follows:
Demographics - various address details and details for tax returns are kept here.  The information kept here is critical for completing tax returns.
User Fields - additional extraneous information which you can keep for any purpose whatsoever like birthdays.
Other Details - other tax numbers eg Vat and Paye
Tax Details - this tab has to be use to open if the client is a tax client.
WIP Details - this tab has to be opened if the client is to be a WIP client
Sec Details - this tab has to be opened if it is a Company Secretarial client.
Billing Info - this tab has to be opened if it is a client that is going to be billed.
Documents - this is where you can store general documents relating to your client
Contacts - this is where you setup all the clients contacts.
For the purpose of this manual we are not going to detail each field that needs to be entered, however you should go through each screen on your system to see what is required.  In terms of running the tax system it is most important that you deal with the demographics in total and the tax details. All the information contained in the Client file will be used in all the applications.
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25 April 2021