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Client -Change Client Code

Traditionally in most systems the developers of such systems never allowed the changing of any client codes.  Typically if a user wants to change the client code because of a name change then they would have to delete the record of the current client in its entirety and create a new one under the new code.
Unfortunately in the accounting profession this is not a good idea as name changes take place on a regular basis and the name changes are processed through the CIPC and everything in regard to the company’s name is changed.
SKY Software can make the necessary name changes.  It should be remembered that changing a client code is a critical transaction as the system has to process every instance of a client on the file and depending on how long you may have had the company, this might involve literally thousands of different transactions.
In SKY we have come up with a solution that will allow you to change the client code at any point in time provided that the user wishing to do so has the necessary rights.  It will not be necessary for any other users to log out, or to stop working.  It is also not necessary to bring the system down and take a backup before you run the process.
The way you do this is by putting a client record in question in edit mode as indicated in the screen below.  You can see that the company details are in yellow, this means it is in edit mode.  Place your mouse curser over the client code and right click.  A new dialogue opens which gives you the ability to enter the new client code.
If you wish to change the client name then do so.  In the description area you can just type in the new name.
There are a number of firms who built the partner code into the client code.  For example they would start the client with partner one (1) and then an alphabetical listing like 1FAST and if that client moves to partner 2 then there would be a need to change the client code to partner 2FAST. This is no longer necessary as each record has a partner code.
25 April 2021