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Change Status

On each client file screen to the right of the different entity types you will see a button called status.  If you are a new user to SKY you will notice that the status options have not been activated, however if you click on the status button and then you click on the new icon    which is a page with a pencil you will have the choice of setting the entity record as, dormant or resigned.  Select the option that you want and then click on the green tick and the record will then show that the client as active, dormant or resigned.
and the status will show as below. Note the word Active behind status.
The status will be shown in the list box below. The sleepy head is dormant and the blue X is resigned. An active client will show as a blank blue cell.
The status can be used in filters to list clients e.g. a list of resigned or dormant clients.
25 April 2021