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Advanced Filters

If  you select the advanced filter icon a window will pop up with the filters displayed as depicted below. You will notice that at the top of the list is a menu option called advanced filter. It is not within the scope of this manual to teach how to set up advanced filters. This is where you would set up or edit your filters. We have set up most of the advance filters that you will need. Listed below are the advanced filters that you may use.  During the course of all the updates we are going to  put in as many filters as users want so that users do not have to worry about creating advanced filters so please advise us what filters you want and we will insert them for you. If you require a filter that is not in the system call support for the filter that you want.
By selecting any of the filters you will notice that the list of clients displayed in the left panel will refresh indicating the clients that fall within the filter set, for example if you choose provisional tax clients then only provisional tax clients will display in the left hand panel.  If you wish to display provisional tax clients for a particular partner, click on the partner area and select the partner that you want and the filter will build on a successive basis.  If you then want manager for that particular partner, click on the manager area and select the manager that you want and so on. This method of finding a client is extremely powerful.
Let us say that after selecting provisional tax clients you want to see February clients only you may select a second filter for February clients. It is listed as year-end February on the advanced filter list on the screen below.
Examples of filters
In the screen above you will see a list of all the filters that are available. 
Provisional tax – if you make use of this filter this will only display those taxpayers that are marked as provisional tax clients.
Tax Return Clients – If you use this filter this filter will only display those taxpayers that are tax return clients.
There are various other filters which are self-explanatory. 
You can off course use these filters together with the partner or manager parameters and company individual etc. and if you select a partner and then you select year-end not February it will give you the list for that partner and all those taxpayers who are not marked as February clients.
The same will apply with dormant clients and resigned clients which works off the status .
The first option of the menu advanced filter  is where you would set up the advanced filter, if you click on it the following will appear.
3 November 2021